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Mr. Skin Cash Affiliate Programs

Mr. Skin Cash 60% Recurring Affiliate Program

$$$ 60%* of all initial & recurring revenue from memberships sold!

$$$ Payments every 1st and 16th of the month via check.

$$$ Complete, easy to read real-time online stats using NATS Software.

$$$ Cascading billing to make your traffic convert better.

$$$ Banners, pops, and buttons that pull traffic like a magnet.

$$$ Recurring paid on Credit Card, ACH, Dialers, Web900 and all other billing platforms enabled.

Mr. Skin Cash 5% Webmaster Referral Payout Program

$$$ 5%* of all initial & recurring revenue from memberships sold by an affiliate you referred.

$$$ Lifelong money without the work.

Sample Membership Options and Commission Payouts:

$$$ 60% Recurring Affiliate Program:

$4.95 - Three Day Pass** (commission = $2.61)

$29.95 - Monthly Gold Club Membership*** (commission = $15.81)

* 60% split after processing, refunds and chargeback fees subtracted. Processing fees are on a per processor basis.
** automatically converts to monthly membership.
*** automatically renews every 30 days.

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