Welcome to, the #1 Most Trusted Celebrity Affiliate Program and home to Please read about the different programs we offer our affiliates to promote our celebrity sites. No matter how you promote you can't lose, so sign up today.

Mr. Skin Cash Affiliate Programs:

Mr. Skin Cash 60% Recurring Affiliate Program

  • - 60%* of all initial & recurring revenue from memberships sold!
  • - Payments every 1st and 16th of the month via check or epassporte.
  • - Complete, easy to read real-time online stats using NATS Software.
  • - Cascading billing to make your traffic convert better.
  • - Banners, pops, and buttons that pull traffic like a magnet.
  • - Recurring paid on Credit Card, ACH, Dialers, Web900 and all other billing platforms enabled.

Mr. Skin Cash 5% Webmaster Referral Payout Program

  • - 5%* of all initial & recurring revenue from memberships sold by an affiliate you referred.
  • - Lifelong money without the work.

Sample Membership Options and Commission Payouts:

  • - 60% Recurring Affiliate Program:
  • $4.95 - Three Day Pass** (commission = $2.61)
  • $29.95 - Monthly Gold Club Membership*** (commission = $15.81)
  • * 60% split after processing, refunds and chargeback fees subtracted. Processing fees are on a per processor basis.
  • ** automatically converts to monthly membership.
  • *** automatically renews every 30 days.

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