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Mr. Skin Cash FAQ

Q. What is the minimum pay out ?
A. The minimum pay out is $50.
Q. Can I promote multiple sites from one account ?
A. No, you can only promote the site from one account, but you can promote it on multiple sites from one account.
Q. Why should I promote Mr. Skin?
A. We have the best converting Celeb site on the web coupled with the best customer service in the industry. Mr. Skin is dedicated to the complete satisfaction of its affiliates and we always pay on time. Ask around, our reputation speaks for itself and you make 60% on a recurring basis of the trial and full membership for the life of the customer.
Q. How much does it cost to be a Mr. Skin affiliate?
A. It is absolutely free. Sign up and start making money today promoting
Q. Can I use multiple banners on a variety of sites ?
A. Yes, This is a practice that we encourage. The more links to our site you have up, the more money you stand to make.
Q. What do I use to promote your sites ?
A. We have a variety of marketing aids available; full page ads,buttons, special interest consoles and photo galeries just to name a few. Log in to see the complete inventory of marketing tools, all of which are constantly updated. Check back often for updates and new marketing materials. Please do not change any of the marketing materials and do not make your own without getting it approved at [email protected]. We have to be sure that you promote in a way that keeps us legal as per our terms and conditions.
Q. There is a problem with my stats. What's going on?
A. If you have a problem with your stats, pls. contact us at [email protected] and we will check out the problem with ibill for you.
Q. If my question can not be answered here, who do I contact ?
A. Email us at [email protected].